Written by: Admin Creeartelo
July 05. 2019


Public toilets are not always the most hygienic environments due to frequent (and sometimes neglected) use that many people day by day. It is important to keep public toilets clean and disinfected, especially in a business where hygiene is the biggest concern. If you own a business or administrator, make and follow a complete regime and strict with a cleaning checklist will help you keep clean and attractive bathrooms for your customers.
Clean and disinfect public toilets can quickly become a broth of cultivation for germs. Often people who wash the hands splash dirt and debris in sinks, counters, walls, and mirrors. The toilet and urinal areas are sometimes they get dirty with body fluids and human feces. To avoid the spread of infection and germs, as well as creating a more pleasant appearance, all surfaces should be cleaned with frequency using a clean cloth or sponge and a disinfectant or industrial power antibacterial cleaner.
Trash bins in public toilets are used to discard toilet paper, paper towels, diapers and various types of
waste that carries germs. All containers of garbage must be coated inside with garbage bags that are removed and replaced frequently. Sweep any trash that has fallen to the ground before removing and discarding the bag of garbage. Before placing another garbage bag, clean by inside and outside the container and spray it with a disinfectant.
Keeping the bathroom floor clean is also a procedure important to be done daily as well as mop the floor
whenever necessary. Use a bucket of fresh, clean water combined with an antibacterial disinfectant cleaning agent industrial power to maintain employee safety and customers, and prevent falls from the wet floor and product demands of this, always place a "wet floor" warning sign-on the area being cleaned until the floor is completely dry.
No matter how clean the bathroom is, it will not continue like this for long-time if you don't keep your dispensers full. Likewise, the lack of soap, toilet paper or paper towels can make going to the bathroom is a shameful and unhygienic experience for your customers. Visit the bathroom frequently to make sure everyone the dispensers are clean, full and functioning correctly.
Equipment and supplies
All cleaning supplies and equipment must be maintained clean, assorted, in proper working condition and
located near the bathrooms, at a safe and hygienic distance from the customers. Have paper towels, toilet paper, and liquid soap spare in storage areas in or near bathrooms. The mops, buckets, cleaners, toilet brushes, and aerosols disinfectants should be stored in cabinets or service cabinets out of reach of customers.
Execute your checklist plan
The cleanliness checklist of a business bathroom is only useful when you are constant in keeping the tasks listed up to date. because of the influx of people in a restaurant varies, some days will require more frequent cleaning than others. The best way for business owners and managers to ensure the consistency of a clean bathroom is to perform several controls throughout the day. It is common to place a checklist in
the interior of the bathroom and designate employees controls to each hour. Have your employees initial each item performed, when necessary, to ensure that they remain all aspects of the cleaning regime.


Michelle Renee